Do you have a little time each week to devote to researching, finding deals, and turning them around for profits?

With a little work and by following my system, YOU can make money TODAY selling and buying items on Craigslist!

My name is Matt, and I have been buying and selling items, online and offline since my late teens. Throughout the years I have learned a few things and have a system that I have been developing though trial and error. My system not only generates income each month, but also gives me the drive, and motivates me to keep pushing myself each month to make better deals, and ultimately more cash flow! Each and every month!


Making money on Craigslist is not only fun, but very rewarding!

Why build this site?

Ok enough of the hype, lets talk shop. There are a few reasons why I want to share what I do with the world:

- I want to start a blog and share my knowledge with the world. I have never blogged about anything, and I’m really passionate about doing this. I’m a big fan of reading other peoples blog’s and have always thought I could do something along the same lines, but never had a subject to write about.

- It’s a great way to keep myself motivated by making my earnings public each month. I plan on doing case studies, where I use a set amount of money each month to buy items and go over how I sell them. The costs and profits will all be on the table, a no bullshit approach. I also plan on breaking down the cost/profit ratio’s, how many items were bought and sold, and what my future plans are to keep each month profitable! Who knows might turn into something really exciting!

- I want to give back to the community. Most of everything I learned was off the internet (and trial and error, but we’ll get into that later). Unfortunately there are lots of people that want to make a quick buck by selling you their crappy eBook about craigslist and flipping. Many of those books I have personally read. And I’m going to tell you this right now, most everything sourced in those $19.99 eBooks is everything you could find on the internet for FREE! Absolutely crazy!

- I think it would be awesome to start a community (or forum) where we can trade tactics, discuss new ideas or just brag about what we just scored and sold haha :)


I want to help you get fat stacks of cash, plain and simple.

Whats in it for you?

Your probably thinking OK cool I get it some dude on the internet trying to hype me up and sell me something. I can’t wait for the sales pitch after all of this. We’ll let me tell you that your WRONG!

Sorry for yelling, but the truth of the matter is, you work hard and put in the time, and you will see results. What I’m doing isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme or any other bullshit other savvy internet marketers are cramming down everyone’s throats. What I do is relatively simple, but its HOW I do it that’s important and keeps my wallet fat and the bills paid. I got a loving wife, decent house, food in the fridge and a few cars at my disposal. And I haven’t worked a 9-5 “real job” in years (not bragging just telling the truth). I want other people to have the freedom to have more time with their family or friends without the stress of working a real job. That’s whats in it for you!

Ok big deal, where do we start?

I know you want to get started reading the good stuff but unfortunately, this blog is relatively new and I have a few articles I’m currently writing to get the ball rolling. I am also simultaneously working on the first months case study, and hope to get that finished by the end of march.

But in the mean time, if you subscribe to the site by using the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” feature to the right of this page you can get periodic emails when new posts are put up, so you don’t miss a thing!

In between the case studies and the blog posts, I will also be sending secret tips, tricks and private blog posts to my subscribers! A great added bonus at no cost to you, just sign up. Go ahead, you could even use your spam email account. Trust me, we all got one anyways ;)

(You can also post a comment below, and I’ll be sure to see it!)

Remember, always keep your hands clean and your money dirty!



-The Basics of Selling Items Bought On Craigslist.